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Maltese Pup Need a new home
Maltese puppies are known for their charming and affectionate temperament
  • Friendly and sociable: Maltese puppies are generally friendly and enjoy being around people. They tend to develop strong bonds with their owners and can be quite sociable with both family members and strangers alike.
  • Playful and energetic: Despite their small size, Maltese puppies are often energetic and lively. They love to play and engage in activities, both indoors and outdoors. Short walks and interactive playtime can help keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Puppy Love

Some things just fill your heart without trying…


Chegou is 7 weeks, 2.0 lbs and growing.


Faye is 7 weeks, 2.0 lbs and growing.


Felix is 7 weeks, 2.0 lbs and growing.


Finn is 7 weeks, 2.0 lbs and growing.

Was worried about flying a puppy over long distances, all the way to Poland. The Maltese puppy home was so helpful as my country has soo many restrictions in bringing in young puppies. Thank you for all the help and assurance. I am happy.
Paula Robinson
When i visit your home back when you were in Denver, the way you took care of your puppies always gave me joy. The manner in which you dedicate your time, love and joy in taking care of them. I will be visiting your new home in a few months.
Randy Cunningham
Traveling across borders to fly my puppy is very appealing. Thank you for dedicating time to do all that. Thanks, they arrived safe and sound. Thanks again
Alice Miles
I have adopted two Maltese puppies from you guys and all are very beautiful and affectionate. They play a lot and sometimes i think am not playing enough with them. The moment i walk into the house it's all fun and joy. They brighten up my home. Thank you very much.
Matthew Johnson